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What is The Dump? Simply put - if it's good, we'll play it. We draw our playlist from terrestrial, satellite, internet radio, and those great songs on albums that never hit the airwaves. It's the 90's, it's now, it's... some word that means "2000's" but starts with an 'n'. We're taking out the trash, bumming through the bins, removing the rubbish - and leaving you with The Dump: Internet Radio.

STREAMING LIVE 24/7: ASK YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. For mobile streaming, we strongly recommend Tunemark Radio if you use an iPhone (set buffering to 30 seconds for the best experience). You can also stream using Safari and the link above (WiFi recommended). For Android, we recommend Winamp, although it is not currently on the Google Play store.

Current Song: Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober

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Program Director: YOUR MOMMA

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